Standard Features

All silos are fully galvanised and sealed




Birds Silos Woolarama2.jpg

Ladders with protective cage's are standard with all silos.



Presure relief valve

30* roof, the average "angle of repose" of grains, giving maximum capacity storage of grain.





Joe Bird appears on ABC New Inventors (←click)

Roof is made from 1.0mm sheet



 Remote easy on/off ground opening lid.


Click image for video of Remote Easy On/Off Lid in opertation.

 Roof is made from 1.0mm sheet

Wall sheets are 1.2mm thick Bluescope - Australian


sight glass.JPG

Sight glasses on every sheet, for quick visual of grain level.



Remote winch for safer ground opening of silo lid.

Cone made from 1.55mm thick sheet


Hoppers -             

your choice of plastic or steel


New 417mm 'butterfly' outlet, allows for faster emtying of silo.

Phosphine 'dog bowl' at the base for fumigation of pests.


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Inspection entry in the cone, for safer annual inspection. 

Links to Grains Research & Development Corporation - Pamphlets on Grain Storage and Fumigation 

(click on the pamphlet title)




 Optional Extras

Grain Sampler ($450.00 + GST)


         DSC04136    DSC04137

 The grain sampler has 2 features. The first is the small holes (above), in the closed position allows grain pests to fall through and into the base cylinder. This provides easy inspection access to the silo for possible pest infestation.

Second, the grain sampler takes samples from four levels (below) in the silo. This provides quality checks of grain at each level and at what level, if any, pest invasion.



DSC04187 GrainSamplerOpen

                      Closed               Open

             'Grain Sampler'       base cylinder

Nitrogen Kit ($70.00 + GST)



 The benefits of using nitrogen over phosphine include - nitrogen is a ready available source from the atomosphere, it is safe to use and unlike phosphine it has no withholding period.

The results from the initial trial on Doug and Leon Clarke's farm proved overwhelming - the system killed all the insects in the trial except one, which isn't found in Western Australia.

Ultimately the Clarke's were left with 1000 tonnes of insect and pesticide residue free wheat. "The beauty of that is if we put nitrogen gas in today and someone wants to buy my grain, then I can take it straight out again - there are no with holding periods." Doug said. Improved marketability - that's what we're hoping for.

Doug and Leon see that something has to change because "it's unsustainable to keep on fumigating weevils with phosphine."

 Countryman, Thursday, July 29, 2010


 Silo pad preparation before Silo is delivered

Silos are to be installed on a level reinforced concrete pad of minimum 125mm thick, and recomended that they mature for 10 days. The recomended size is 600mm larger than the diameter of the silo ordered, allowing a 500mm gap between silos aids access to silo perimeter. The silos are bolted down using dynabolts, which we will provide and bolt the silo down for you on delivery.

Uneven or inadequte pads will result in silo damage. If the pad is not flat, the gap between the base ring and the pad should be packed with steel shims (@ $2.50 + GST each) under each leg.

Bird's Silos and Shelters will take no responsibility for damage caused by unsatisfactory pads.



Silos up to 900 bushel (one silo, no escort required) - $3.95 per km

Silos up to 900 bushel (two silos, no escort required) - $6.90 per km

Silos 1100 bushel plus (one silo, escort required) - $4.90 per km

Silos 1100 bushel plus (two silos, escort required) - $7.90 per km

Prices are one way excluding GST

Minimum delivery fee - $500.00 + GST



Download Silo Manual

(click here for pdf)

For instructions on operating and caring for your investment.


Price List Prices effective November 2021.

For elevated silo add $700                                                                                                                                                                                        Mash/pellet silo P.O.A                                                                                                                 Tonnages, dependant on hectolitre weight

















Min' Auger





 Total Inc.


330 10 10 7 9 10.91  2.54m  3.57m 20' $7,572.73  $757.27 $8,330.00
420  13  13  11  13.82  2.85m  3.76m  21'  $8,318.18 $831.82 $9,150.00
550  16  16  11  13  18.18  2.85m  4.59m  26'  $8,718.18 $871.82 $9,590.00 
660  19  19  13  16  21.82  3.05m  4.75m  27'  $8,886.36 $888.64
900  25  25  18  21  29.09  3.05m   5.60m  32'  $9,459.09 $945.91 $10,405.00
1100  30  30  21  26  36.36  3.80m  4.97m  28'  $10,690.91 $1069.09
1300  36  36  25  30  43.64  3.80m  5.81m  33'  $11,259.09 $1125.91 $12,385.00
1700  43  43  30  37  54.55  3.80m  6.65m  40'  $12,990.91 $1,299.09 $14,290.00
2500  68 68 47 52 82.5 4.40m  7.28m  40'  $15,031.82 $1503.18 $16,535.00
2900  80  80  53  66  100  4.40m  8.43m  48' $15,827.27 $1,582.73 
3700 110 110 67 88 135 5.10m 8.86m 50' $21,654.55 $2165.45 $23,820.00

For Sealed Silo Maintenance - Contact Lee Swithenbank Ph:9063 2275 or Mob:0429 632 275