Silos for all your grain storage

From 7 to 80 tonne

Features 30* roof with remote easy on/off lid

Side ladder with safety cage

Fully sealed silo with pressure relief valve

Inspection access in cone

New 417mm outlet

Sight glassess in every sheet

Ground operated fumigation system



IMG 5079

Feeders for sheep, cattle, goats, emus and pigs

Round feeders allow for larger number of stock per feeder

9.25 - 10.85m Cattle or 9.65m Sheep trough circumference

Remote easy on/off lids for safer ground operation

Fitted with ladders to allow for the time when  you need to climb

Fitted with sight glasses, for a quick visual on feed levels

All feeders are now fitted with weather skirts and skids



Trailer feeders

22, 30 and 42 bags (1.8T - 3.5T lupins)

Standard with jockey wheel, mudguards, 22 bag single axle, 30 & 42 bag tandem, LED lights & mechanical disc brakes

Axle rocker roller spring assembly, 2 tonne axles & hubs, 

New 16x7 white ranger rims and 205 light truck 16" tyres.

Optional extras include: steel roof, tarp roof, 

partition 1/4 or 1/3, electric actuator, 4 wheel electric brakes,

brake away controller & load cells.



Shelter kits made to suit your requirements

*NEW*  We can now offer Cyclone Rated Shelters

Skid, ground mount, wall frame, post and truss and container mount kits.

Maximum 12 meters width

Any length in increments of 2 meters

Height can vary from low rise to high rise arcs

Your choice of polypropylene tarp, shade cloth, bird netting for covering

Extra sun protection with partial end wall, or full end walls made from tarp, steel or shade cloth